Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A day at the beach...

We had an awesome time at the beach on Sunday!  We went to Crystal Cove State Park, and also to Fashion Island.  Here are some highlights:

Cute cottages for rent with a few quaint little businesses.  Relaxing place!  One locally famous part is trudging uphill to the Shake Shack!

We did have a bit of waiting to do.......
 But that gave us time to make flavor decisions.......
 And enjoy the fabulous view!

The wait was worth it, so delcious!  My shake was called the Monkey Flip.  The ingredients:  banana, chocolate, date, and peanut butter!  Sooooooooooo Yum!

After such a cooling and satisfying snack, it was time to hit the shore.

The tide pools were also worth checking out, and we did see a crawler or two....

It was such a wonderful outing!  Although we got even hungrier after all our shore activities....or maybe just feeling too celebratory, but off we went to Fashion Island for California Pizza Kitchen and then last, but definitely not least.....Casey's Cupcakes!

I hope everyone had a delicious and super-fun Mother's Day!!!  ♥
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  1. Thanks for linking up to the West Coast Blog Hop! :D

  2. Looks like a great day at the beach (with the added bonus of cupcakes!)

    New follower from the West Coast Blog Hop

  3. Beautiful views! Looks like you guys had a great time!

    Here from West Coast Blog Hop! Feel free to come by and say hi! :)

  4. New follower from the West Coast Blog Hop! We went to the beach this weekend too! It was kind of cold our way though, but fun for Mother's Day! xoxo-Kim

  5. New follower from Cali......We went to Laguna on Saturday...and on our way home we saw the Ruby's Shake Shack and I said "Honey...we need to check that out soon"....Looks like it's a for sure thing to do! :)

  6. I was just reading about Crystal Cove State Park yesterday!!!! It looks like such a beautiful place... definitely on the vacation list now!


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