Friday, May 25, 2012

Can't Accessorize?

TOTAL flashback.....way back, but I never forgot the "Can't accessorize" moment from Married with Children!  A joke my best friend and I carried on with for years.  Admittedly, I really can't accessorize....or I just don't put enough into it.  I have been working on it though!!

"Well, l come after you... l guess l'll have to wait until the curly tail disappears.
Oh, then of course, after the cries of ''sooie'' die down...
...l'll do my best to follow in your hoofprints."

"Can't accessorize."
"That hurt."

I'm even starting to enjoy accessories more!  Here are some of my current favorites:

 I just got this hat the other day and when I wore it, I got tons of compliments!  Makes a plain outfit totally fun!!!  This was made by Peaches and Brown Sugar Designs !

 I don't know who made this necklace; it was a lucky find at Ross!

 Sassy belt!  From Perfect Pair Jeans and Things!

 I love my headband!  Got it at Nordstroms.

 The sun hat was one of my birthday presents, No skin cancer is wanted around here!  But I love the sun!

 The rebel part of me likes the Question Everything cuff by Emmevielle

 This fun little case holds my IPhone in the front pocket, and has a wallet inside!  Great for walks or adventures where I don't want to lug the purse along!  And it's cute, too, which never hurts!  This is also from Perfect Pair, like the belt (above!)

These dragonflies were my birthday present from hubby!  Dragonflies are a fave of mine! 

Maybe......just maybe.....I CAN accessorize!  How about you?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is it June 14th yet??

I will admit...I am looking forward to summer break very much!!  I hope that doesn't make me Bad Teacher! 

It has been a hectic year and I have worked very hard!  We started some new things and that, although positive for the students, always means more work!  This is what I am ready to focus more on, in a few more weeks:

Sometimes when I am working so hard, I feel like I don't have as much of me left for her as I would like, and time flies by so fast!  At least in my line of work I get to have my summer days with my little girlie, and we always make good memories! 

Until then, my blog entries may be a bit sparse....working on grades, cum folders, and Open House....all at once....yep, Multi-Tasking! 


Saturday, May 19, 2012

How I'm dressing these days....

There's been a lot of sun lately, and it's been quite warm, but I'm not on summer break yet, so it's not time for shorts and tanks.  Here are some of the things I've been wearing to enjoy the warm season:

 The one with the stars, I actually have in blue, but couldn't find a picture of it in blue.

 What are you wearing to keep cool in these warm times?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A day at the beach...

We had an awesome time at the beach on Sunday!  We went to Crystal Cove State Park, and also to Fashion Island.  Here are some highlights:

Cute cottages for rent with a few quaint little businesses.  Relaxing place!  One locally famous part is trudging uphill to the Shake Shack!

We did have a bit of waiting to do.......
 But that gave us time to make flavor decisions.......
 And enjoy the fabulous view!

The wait was worth it, so delcious!  My shake was called the Monkey Flip.  The ingredients:  banana, chocolate, date, and peanut butter!  Sooooooooooo Yum!

After such a cooling and satisfying snack, it was time to hit the shore.

The tide pools were also worth checking out, and we did see a crawler or two....

It was such a wonderful outing!  Although we got even hungrier after all our shore activities....or maybe just feeling too celebratory, but off we went to Fashion Island for California Pizza Kitchen and then last, but definitely not least.....Casey's Cupcakes!

I hope everyone had a delicious and super-fun Mother's Day!!!  ♥
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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sewing School!

As we've been trying, in this fast paced So Cal world of ours, to keep our daughter appreciating the simple pleasures in life, these were two of her birthday gifts:

She jumped into her first project, and is proud to share her pincushion creation. We started from the beginning, learning to cut from patterns.

Apples are cut, and ready to learn stitching.  Since it was her first sewing project, we started with learning to thread the needle, to tie the knot, and to make a running stitch.

This book is very kid-friendly, and her confidence was right on, I was quite impressed with her first stitches!  One of the best things, is the look on her face the whole time, truly enjoying herself!

Soon, it was time to pause, stuff it (which she loved doing as well,) and proudly share her first sewing creation! 

I'm not affilated with or reviewing the book, Sewing School, we just had a great experience with it, and I wanted to share.  I would recommend it to small children who want to learn to sew, as it is made for the very young, and Violet's smile shows how much fun it was for us.  ♥ 

On another note, I won't deny that my daughter uses technology, and enjoys modern pleasures, too, but I just loved seeing her enjoy some good old-fashioned sewing!  Kids are so creative, and it's great to provide opportunities for them to use their creative juices!  Happy Mothers' Day everyone!!

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