Sunday, May 6, 2012

Crafty Ladybug

The little one has a Ladybug report and art project due next monday.  We decided to jump in this weekend, as we are busy next weekend, and always busy during the week!  She wanted to do the art part first, of course!  We looked online at examples of other people's ladybug crafts, but didn't see one we liked, so we invented our own.  Mainly, we went with daughter's vision, as she is very creative, so she described how she wanted it to look and we made our list and were off to Michaels!

We made the wings from 2 pieces of 12 by 12 scrapbook paper, which she glued little black pom poms onto.  She was very good about keeping the symmetry between the wings.  Art is sooooo good for kids, I can't stress that enough!  After the pom poms, she wanted to bling it up, (she's a blingy kid), so she added red glitter glue.
We rolled a piece of black scrapbook paper, also 12 by 12, which had this great texture that could be like bug skin would be, and glued it as a 3-d tube body, attaching googley eyes.

In the next picture, you can see the fun texture of the black paper!
At first, she tried pipe cleaners for legs and antennae, but they just wouldn't glue.  I didn't want to use the hot glue gun, as I really wanted it to be hers, for the full experience.  So she drew legs and antennae on the extra sheet of the textured black paper.

These attached much more easily!
Last, but not least, we attached the wings, which she wanted to be partly open, and later added black pom poms to accent the antennae.
We ended up with a cute, big, 3d, fun ladybug, and a very happy girl, because she did it, rather than me doing it for her!  It's so much fun seeing her creativity come alive and make herself, and us, very proud ♥


  1. That lady bug is one of the cutest I have ever seen!

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  7. That is too cute! We love doing school projects to and now that she's in 2nd grade she insists on doing it herself. I guess mommy has to do her own projects! Thanks for sharing!
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