Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Spruce-Up

Like many people, spring has brought about an inspiration in me to clear-out, organize, and also try to brighten things up around here.  Here are some things helping me with this goal:

        Large cubes providing a good catch all for storage fitting into a small space.
 Jars for the frequently used dry goods:  sea salt, red pepper flakes, rainbow sugar sprinkles, and cinnamon/sugar blend, I know, an eclectic combination, but we're funny that way!
 OxO stackable canisters for keeping the pantry/cupboard better organized.
 A fun, new shower curtain ;-)

 A flower light with soft glow for the top bunk, so Violet can stop reading by flashlight.

 Various frames....
 ...To proudly display artwork in addition to photos ;-)

 This pillow and a few others to add color, as my living room feels "dark" to me.

These frames, I didn't get.....yet, but am eyeing them on Etsy, with the same goal as the pillow....Let there be COLOR!

*A quick change of subject, but I entered a little give-a-way and could use extra points:

Help me win the "Child Pretties" l&b set!!! Like @laynie and belle and tell them I sent you!  Here is the blog link, she makes lovely things:

Oh and I'd love to hear about and be inspired by your home improvement, design, or organizing ideas!  Let me know where to find your posts or link me in a comment ;-)  Have a great week.....weekends sure go by too quickly!!!!


  1. WOW I love so many of these things!!! Those frames are great! I'm inspired by your organizing in the pantry!

  2. What great ideas! I bet your feeling brighter already :-)

  3. I love all those ideas! Plus, it's great to see someone who loves Ikea as much as I do!!


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