Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Break....back to nature

Taking a break from the craftiness to spend time outdoors and celebrate nature.  The weather has been fabulous, which definitely helps!  We went to Kidspace Museum, located in the beautiful Rose Bowl area outside of Pasadena.  We met up with some friends and had a lovely time!

 Here, they watched a presenter teach about butterflies, and got to volunteer to act out the stages of the butterfly's life cycle.
Afterwards, cooling off in a stream was in order!

We then adopted a butterfly!  The way it works is that we adopted a little caterpillar, and they gave us the food, instructions through the life stages, and an invite to a release celebration event, where all the butterflies can be released together!  We have been taking the caterpillar's picture every day.  He has already grown and changed so much each day!

Day 1:  Tiny
                            Day 2:  a bit larger with new white spots
 Day 3:  big change, paler color, appears to have shedded   some black "skin," and is quite a bit fatter!

 Violet is very excited, and checks on the little guy quite often!  So far, I'd say that this is an excellent experience for a young scientist :-)  I am just hoping all goes smoothly, because I know she would feel badly if the critter didn't make it.  I recommend Kidspace as an outing for So Cal families with young children, and I know the L.A. lifestyle isn't always nature friendly, so keep finding those ways to get outside!  :-)

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