Monday, July 23, 2012

Catching up, Part 1

Things have been all over the place around here, and I just feel disorganized, and that took it's toll on my blog, too!  So many things happened in a whirlwind blended with "normal" summer stuff.  Thinking of where to begin....where did I leave off?  Well, one thing is that I had a big "Well Woman Physical."  Yeah, JOY, we all love the invasive female exam, and I also had my first mammorgram.  I'm happy to report negative reports all around and great cardio health!

Just days before mine, my sister had a mammogram as well.  She is just two years older than me.  Well, turns out, hers was not negative, and all in a rush, she has undergone a biopsy, and then a lumpectomy. (sp?)  Needless to say, another part of the craziness.  Fortunately, her post op appointment went well and they feel they caught it early enough and that it has not spread.  She does need to have some radiation just as a precaution!

Between a math teaching conference I have been doing all week, and all of the above, we have also tried to fit in fun, because well, ya gotta!  It has mostly been mommy/daughter fun, since hubby has been away a few weeks out of the country on business (sure, why not, on top of everything else!!)

In a nutshell:

Hip Hop class and Zumba class.....

Good food, awesomely healthy mostly, with some indulgence here and there...

Gotta love Pho!
Merely Sweets in Brea, Ca
 A couple tortillas make a great pizza crust!

 She loves to cook!!!  Yay!

Double Yay for her chompin' down greens and asking for more!!!!  We made the salad from all fresh stuff, chopped up fresh romaine, cooked chicken breast with fresh garlic, mozzerella, and a light ranch dressing made with yogurt!  Oh, we did add Texas Toast croutons for a rustic splash.  It came out sooooo delicious!  Violet was proud, and happy to eat a salad she helped to prepare!  Kids in the kitchen are good things :-)

Well, stay tuned if you wish, for more catching up, and some fun getting back to all those great blog hops and link party topics!  ♥ to all, and stay healthy!!!


  1. Looks like you have one big helper in the kitchen! Good for her! And you too, eating healthy, taking zumba, and getting that mammogram done! Glad to hear it turned out well and I hope all goes well with your sister too!

  2. Glad everything checked out with you and your sister. Yeah, yeah, the salad looks great and healthy and all, but I'm stuck on the cupcakes at the sweet shop! ;)


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