Wednesday, June 27, 2012

More So Cal Summer Fun :-)

The weather has been so perfect, though bracing ourselves for an increase of heat any day now!!  On Sunday, we went to Disneyland!  We have a season pass that will be expiring soon, and we are probably not renewing, as they have raised the price ridiculously, and honestly give no breaks, or incentive to renew!  Most of this year's trips there have been overcrowded and disappointing, but of course, when we're sure we're about to stop, what happens?  We end up with a great day there.....figures!

 Vi was so excited to meet Merida!  She loved the movie!
 She was also excited to try archery....although....
 It was much harder than she thought!!!
 She loves the Small World ride, of course!!  It's a classic, after all!

 My favorite attraction is Pirates of the Carribean, and I love that Jack Sparrow hides out in there, too, along with the old pirates ;-)
 Star Tours has improved quite a bit since its makeover a year or so ago, and you get to wear funny glasses to enjoy the 3D ;-)
 While wandering through the line for Indiana Jones, we were pretending to be trapped in the caves.  Yep, we're dorks ;-)

The parade was awesome, first time in years we got a good enouch view to stay and watch it!

 How do these stilt dancers not fall down????  Amazing!!!
So all in all, we had a fabulous day there!!  It was not over-crowded at all, which I attribute to the Disney California Adventure park having just unveiled a whole new area devoted to the Cars movie.  I think everyone was over there to see the new stuff, which left the classic, regular Disneyland to us! 

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  1. looks like you´re having a great time as a family... follow each other??? let me know ok!


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