Saturday, March 31, 2012

Crafty and Festive for Spring Break!

For some quality time with my almost 6 year old, who loves to be crafty, in the kitchen, as well as with paper and holiday items, we're going to try a few things I've picked up through Pinterest, blogs, and other places.  One thing we'd like to do is make an Easter cake.  Although it looks crazy sweet, this one from looks fun and easy:

My mom used to make birds nest treats with us this time of year, and I came across several variations after reading a post at Chikabug's blog:

Now the task is, which kind of nest to try??  ;-)

Additionally, we'll have to decorate Easter Eggs!  It's tradition, after all!  One problem with many ways of dyeing them, is that I simply cannot stand the smell of vinegar!  That eliminates some decorating strategies, but here's a non smelly way to decorate, that also sounds easy, and looks cute!  This is on Better Homes and Gardens website, and I snapped it up through Pinterest, from the Inspiring Giggles blog.

Some cute, yet delightfully simple bluebirds can be made with Jordan Almonds, as seen here!

These (above) are from .

My little ballerina,  show choir, jazz dancing, fairy loving...and more daughter loves tutus, and Angelbabes on Etsy makes and sells gorgeous ones!  She also sells a guide for making them yourself, so, feeling ambitious, I am going to send for some tulle and try it!  In reality, Spring Break may not be long enough for all we want to do, but it's good to have some creative goals! 

Let's SPRING into creativity!  :-)


  1. I'm trying to start a blog. As for the nests, try them all! :D

    1. I tried to return your visit, but was blocked, you must have some kind of privacy setting going!

  2. I have two little granddaughters who are aspiring ballerinas and love tutus as well. I loved all of your Easter ideas! I'm having my grandgirls over Thursday and we will try to make a couple of your ideas! Have a wonderful Easter.
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