Sunday, September 2, 2012

Get to know me, Sunday Social

It has been so hectic around here, adjusting both daughter and I to being back in school!  Just trying to catch up on it all is a challenge!  Summer was really a whole different pace! 

Joining in on some Sunday Social action :-)

A few questions to get to know me:

1. What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer?
We didn't go far this summer, but we did a fun, quick trip for a few days to San Diego and enjoyed Sea World!
 Feeding VERY hungry Sea Lions, bark, bark barrrrrrrrk!!!
Gotta love Shaumu and his stunts :-)
2. What was your favorite outfit/look of the summer/clothing item?
Probably my maxi dresses, which are breezy for hot days, and my little bicycle upcycle.
3. What is one thing you wish you had gotten to do this summer?
I wanted to do more crafting with my daughter Violet and get into scrapbooking with her.  We did some crafts and cooking, but time somehow got away from us and her scrapbook is still empty :-(.
4. What was your favorite song of the summer?
"Settle Down" by No Doubt :-)
5. What was your favorite movie/TV show of the summer?
We enjoyed going to see Brave as a family, and also enjoyed awesome Shave Ice afterward :-)
*Big Sigh*  I miss summer already!!!  How about you?


  1. Thank you SO much for joining my party and especially for sharing my button! you rock!

  2. I've yet to see Brave but i really want to!
    Happy Labor day weekend! Drop by and say hello!

  3. I want to steal that bicycle outfit!! So cute.

  4. 1. Trip to Atlanta for a night **8 hour drive** with my 2 girls to see my girlfriend! Fun trip!!
    2. Workout shorts and T and bathing suit....
    3. Scrapbook....haven't touched it in over a year
    4. She doesn't know she's beautiful...or girls have been singin' it non-stop
    5. Brave...we are perfecting our Scottish accents after that one!


  5. Stopping by from the blog hop! New follower here! Hope you will come check out!

    That dress is SO cute!

    I have to say I'm not really missing summer too much. I do miss my kiddos being around now and then but I still have my twins to keep my busy. I bet when they head to school I will feel completely different about it!

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  7. Love your post. I came over from Naptime Review. I am following on GFC and I would love for you to follow me back.
    Debi @ Adorned From Above

    1. I have a Wednesdays Adorned From Above Link Party and would love to have you join in the fun, also.

  8. Awwww! I used to perform and work at SeaWorld San Diego. :-) Looks like you had a great summer!

  9. Love your post. Your partner is looking so cute in her white maxi dress. I like this post very much.


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